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Portable oxygen concentrators work by taking in atmospheric air and removing nitrogen to deliver oxygen-rich air. This oxygen is delivered via nasal cannula for you to breathe. These devices can be powered by any AC or DC power source, including rechargeable batteries.

Portable oxygen concentrators when used at least 15 hours a day, help to increase your life span.  If you feel lethargic, it may be because your oxygen levels are low. Oxygen therapy gives you the stamina you need to carry out normal, everyday functions.

When you’re not getting enough oxygen, you may experience confusion. When you have COPD or another lung disease, reduced oxygen intake may interfere with a restful night’s sleep and lead to some pretty significant health problems.

There are many Portable Oxygen Concentrator companies in Miami, Miami Beach, Aventura, Hallandale, and Doral, but we are the best! Portable Oxygen Concentrator Miami specializes in Portable and Stationary (home) Oxygen Concentrators as well as supplies. We carry brands such as Phillips Respironics, Airsep, and Caire!

Manuel Aguirre and his staff at Medical Supply Depot and Repairs have been helping patients manage their breathing disorders since 1994, by providing the best service, and selling only the best products.

We specialize in portable oxygen concentrators in Miami, Miami Beach, Aventura, Doral, Hallandale, Kendall, Hialeah, Miami Lakes, Key Biscayne, Miramar, Sunny Isles, Coral Gables, Miami Airport, Miami-Dade and Fort Lauderdale. 

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