Hypnus Auto Bipap Machine BA825

Hypnus Auto Bipap Machine BA825

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Focus on Accuracy and Efficiency

Compared with the previous generation products,the 8 Series PAP device has made a significant upgrade to enhance the performance and function.Two new treatment modes have been added,Real time treatment data display in waveform on The 3.5-inch screen with exclusive patented technologies such as detachable humidifier,air leak baseline calibration technology.A precise care,a comfortable treatment.

Professional Display of Therapy Data

Real-time waveform, along with treatment data such as inhale pressure (IPAP), exhale pressure (EPAP), tidal volume (Vt), air leakage (LK), minute ventilation (MV) and respiratory rate (RR), etc. are available. The pulse oximeter can be connected to Hypnus PAP device wirelessly to show real-time oxyhemoglobin saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate (PR) on ventilator screen. A comprehensive and professional therapy report can be generated.
Real-time waveform

Software data analysis

Even to increase the pressure from minimum (4cmH2O) to maximum (30cmH2O), it only takes less than 500 milliseconds. This is a particularly important guarantee for patients with high respiratory rate to get their prescribed pressure and tidal volume during treatment.

Response speed
Accurate Detection of Respiratory Events
Advanced respiratory events as Cheyne-Stokes respiration(CSR) and central sleep apnea (CSA) can be detected precisely, thus effectively avoid lung injury caused by misadjustment of pressure. Moreover, the highly intelligent leakage compensation technology guarantees the accuracy of event detection, even in the case of excessive air leakage.

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